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Writing Practice
In the Barn:
Three Muses:
Grief, Rhythm, & Image

A no solos focus on the internal - but not solitary - approach to writing in a sustainable and sustaining way. 

This class is meant to help you either to establish or reinvigorate a sustainable - and sustaining - writing practice. At the beginning of each class, we'll review the fundamentals of the no solos approach. Then we'll focus on our theme: writing is internal but not solitary. We do it in relationship to invisible presences. In these classes, we'll approach grief, rhythms, and images as if they are, in a sense, alive. For sure, they have characteristics and preferences, longings even, and they can be wooed. 

Classes have a good balance of structure and spontaneity. They will take place in the charming barn loft at the Tree Farm in Carnation, Washington. Our afternoons will consist of short lectures, brief meditations, and timed writing & reading practices. It's a convivial class but we'll keep social talk to a minimum - we want to dive beneath limiting conversational conventions.

You are welcome to take one, two, or all three classes. Between sessions, students will be encouraged to take up the writing practice in partnerships or small groups. 

no solos


It’s a paradox: a trusty mentor helps to strengthen your ability to trust and to surprise yourself. A mentoring relationship is also radically convenient, happening, as it does, wherever you are.  All you need is a room, a door, and a phone. 

Private mentoring sessions happen twice-monthly on the phone.  Twice-monthly creates rhythm; rhythm brings movement to a situation. Sessions offer a restorative hour in which you’ll have time to slow down and connect to the heart of things. You’ll receive attuned attention, fresh perspective, and a deeper sense of the ground beneath you. Some people need just a few sessions over a couple months. Others have worked with me for years. 

 “Oh Kim, just listen to me with your observant ear.” 

-Carolyn Koehnline, Therapist, Artist, Clutter Consultant

Single or infrequent sessions, meant to provide a new way to look at an occasion, challenge, project, or predicament. 

Kim works with collaborative partnerships or groups who are seeking the most simple and beautiful ways to go about their tasks. The no solos approach also nourishes marital and family life. It serves parents whose children, teens, or young adults, are stuck or in crisis, and it supports healthy marriages that have hit normal maturational stumbling blocks. 

Expressive Arts

no solos






Workshops & trainings listed here represent a menu of Kim's offerings

To request an Expressive Arts Training for your group or community, contact Kim

To see what's currently being offered, check the Calendar

Group classes offered in 6-week series or private sessions. You are always accompanied, even when deliberately alone, even when abandoned. No Solos Writing practices initiate your blank, inspire your blank, help you access more blank.  1) Grief 2) Fairy Tale 3) Style 4) Marathons

Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts Training
for Therapists

Half-day workshop. Hone your sensory abilities, allowing you to pick up on the hints your clients intentionally drop and unwittingly leak. Increase your capacity to expressive yourself clearly in return. Know at a cellular level what's yours to keep and theirs to not.

A Collaborative Workshop with Julie Jacobs

Writing here...

A Collaborative Workshop with Jan Wallace

FUD with Jan Wallace (local, weekend, drop-in) (link)

Murmurations local drop in classes, collaborations & special events

More about this here

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