Writing Practice
In the Barn:
Three Muses:
Grief, Rhythm, & Image

A no solos focus on the internal - but not solitary - approach to writing in a sustainable and sustaining way. 

This class is meant to help you either to establish or reinvigorate a sustainable - and sustaining - writing practice. At the beginning of each class, we'll review the fundamentals of the no solos approach. Then we'll focus on our theme: writing is internal but not solitary. We do it in relationship to invisible presences. In these classes, we'll approach grief, rhythms, and images as if they are, in a sense, alive. For sure, they have characteristics and preferences, longings even, and they can be wooed. 

Classes have a good balance of structure and spontaneity. They will take place in the charming barn loft at the Tree Farm in Carnation, Washington. Our afternoons will consist of short lectures, brief meditations, and timed writing & reading practices. It's a convivial class but we'll keep social talk to a minimum - we want to dive beneath limiting conversational conventions.

You are welcome to take one, two, or all three classes. Between sessions, students will be encouraged to take up the writing practice in partnerships or small groups. 

no solos


It’s a paradox: a trusty mentor helps to strengthen your ability to trust and to surprise yourself. A mentoring relationship is also radically convenient, happening, as it does, wherever you are.  All you need is a room, a door, and a phone. 


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