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Kim Scanlon

Kim Scanlon is a jazz singer, writer, mentor, and teacher.


no solos is her approach to artistic practice, voice, poetics, musicianship, and culture.

She works and consults with a wide variety of individuals, groups, and organizations. For over a decade, she was a faculty member at Wisdombridge in San Francisco where she helped to develop programs and curricula combining community development, poetics, eco- and archetypal psychologies.  


She's performed and recorded extensively, and is listed with Compass Records of Nashville. Currently artistic director of the musical collective, Palace Thieves, she lives in Seattle with her husband and son.

"Art is the absence of all preaching." Virginia Woolf

The Palace Thieves

Kim is the founder of The Palace Thieves, a band of seasoned Seattle-based musicians: 

Course Header.jpg

Kim Scanlon voice

Libby Torrance voice and keyboard

Greg Scott voice and guitar

Julian Smedley voice, violin & guitar

Ben Smith drums

The Thieves are completing a recording—a suite of music about two swans in France. It should be released in early 2023. Send Kim a note if you'd like to be on their list.


For booking & information:

Annie Jamison: 206.650.6316

"Kim, all I need is for you to listen to me with your observant ear." 
Carolyn Koehnline
Site Art

Ceramic head "Blue Bob"
by Joan Hornig. 

Excerpted drawings & paintings

by Matthew Waddington 

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