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no solos


no solos
Mentoring Group:
a year of
dream-centered living

Personal/professional/artistic development in community



Four in-person gatherings in Seattle plus six private 

mentoring sessions



Mentoring Group

Using a fairy tale as a kind of group dream and starting point, we'll use the no solos principles to explore the interweaving of life, artistic practice, and community. Over the course of a year, this program will combine four day-long group gatherings, six private mentoring sessions and your own on-going artistic practice. The group gatherings will be structured so that we can listen to and track the dream of life. What I mean is that we'll be talking about that which is left out of most conversation - even therapeutic conversation. Inevitably, this will involve deep listening and a struggle for fresh language...


Here are some of our questions: Now, what matters most? What do I love most? What's my style? What gods do I serve? What speaks through me and my work? What arts and practices suit and sustain me? How do I bring a vision into form? What's changing? How does the original part of me become relevant?  What boundaries or forms do I need?    


Kim will help each participant to develop and refine appropriate meditative and artistic practices. The combination of group and private sessions plus email connection between times will provide a nice balance of structure & spontaneity, conviviality & independence.

This will be a small group with an application process and pre-requisites.The course will start when a quorum is ready.

an introductory workshop


no solos Voice Yoga, Harmony Singing,

& Song Study






Be able to sing a melody more/less in tune.

Email me if you're not sure. 





Sunday, February 9,2020



1-4 PM



Madrona Studio, Seattle




Full refund 1 week prior to class

Relevant Voice

We think of music as something that we make.

What happens if we turn it upside down and think

of music as something that makes us?  

'Our Questions:

  • Why are our bodies also instruments?

  • How does vocal practice grant us a reliable moment of bliss?

  • When we sing together, how can it be more about transforming than performing?

  • What music is indigenous to us (whoever we are), to here, and to now?

Our Aims:

  • to offer a taste of the no solos approach to voice, harmony, and song 

  • to offer up some essential concepts and grounded practices

  • to gather students who might like to commit to a longer, deeper vocal adventure, beginning in 2020. (Email me: to express interest or for more information.) 

What will we do?

Divide our time, roughly in thirds:

1) Attend to the subtle, more nuanced and sensuous aspects of voice.

2) Explore the eros of harmony, scales or intervals

3) Apply what we’ve learned to a song.

(This will involve some song study - the practice of learning about the musical intelligence embedded in a song.)

Why is it called a “Voice Lab”?

It's to invoke the spirit of Experiment.  Plus, it lacks preciousness. The work itself is incredibly precious, but we don’t want to encumber ourselves with over-seriousness.

Will there be more labs?:

Yes. On the second Sunday of the month, February - June 2020

Will there be a special musical guest? 


Julian Smedley.

How do I register? 
Send me an email & I'll send instructions: 


Contact Kim to receive updates about specific dates & locations for 2019 courses.

You or your group may express interest in a specific or private
no solos course by choosing from the Course Catalog. 

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