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The Relevant Voice:
Women and Power
with Julie Jacobs
10:30am - 12:30am | Saturday January 24

Here's where the full description of the workshop would go. Something right away about Julie and the alchemy between you. Julie & Kim doing their thing together to support assist bolster as you open their voices, step on your stages, sit at your tables.

Who wants to come. Who'd benefit. What benefits they'd get. What makes this workshop unique. Hints, suggestions, highlights of activities. A sense of how it'd feel to walk away after participating. I'm really just writing to take up space here.

More as needed.

More as needed.


$45 until 1/20

$55 after 1/21

$40 if you bring 3 friends



Madrona, Seattle (details given upon registration)


Wear clothes you're comfortable moving in

Water & tea provided


Try not to ???

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