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no solos


“Nobody does quite what Kim does – that reaching – reaching – for the very word. She understands that each word is alive and filled with its own purposes.”

 Renée Coleman, Phd,

Depth Psychologist and Author

"My work with Kim transformed me into the speaker and educator I’ve always wanted to be...From our first meeting I felt seen and known. Using writing, art, and truly imaginative role-playing exercises, we dove deep into known and unknown parts of me, allowing me to locate and fortify my innate strength and confidence..."

Sami Christensen, M.S.N

"Kim is a high priestess and poet of the voice. She has studied its secrets with reverence, passion, and deep intelligence, all of which are exquisitely revealed in her singing and teaching. I highly recommend both.”

Cyd Smith, Musician

When we consent to be rendered by what we

adore - what we find most beautiful - a path opens.


Customized private studio intensives are a good way to address a clear and specific expressive block or longing. If your inquiry feels vague, I can help. We can schedule a preliminary phone call so that we will both become more exact about your desire.


Intensives are helpful for students of any level - beginners and masters alike. There are two prerequisites, however: curiosity and the willingness to surprise yourself.


Using the no solos principles, I can help you to free and refine your voice in these disciplines: 


  • Writing

  • Singing

  • Harmony Singing

  • Public Speaking

  • Performance

  • Story Telling


Intensives happen in person, in my Seattle studio. Typically, we schedule two sessions a day for two or three days. You'll leave with sturdy practices that will enable you to coach yourself. Follow-up mentoring sessions by phone are available to help you integrate new capacities and insights. 


  • Stuckness

  • Dreamwork

  • Symptoms as dreams

  • Stage fright

  • Too uptight/too loose

  • Discipline: the balance of structure and freedom

  • Lacking purpose

  • Lacking the ability to express a purpose

  • Healing trauma with beauty

  • Artistic practice


  • Devotional art: the gods you serve

  • Theme & purpose

  • Three realms of art: encounter, practice, revision

  • Vocal technique, yoga, & song study

  • Work with a fairy tale

  • Receptivity and imagination

  • Editing for writers

  • Performance skills


  • Problems of specialness or unspecialness

  • Confusions about purpose

  • Unnamed, unacknowledged, or untempered gifts

  • Problems with receiving attention

  • Attachment wounds & creativity

  • Art and community

  • Re-enchantment of performance and public speech

  • The lost arts of grief

  • Cost is $130 USD/hour

  • Intensives are scheduled in blocks, typically 2 sessions/day for 2-3 days

  • Contact Kim with your interest; she will send an orientation package if a mutual decision is made to proceed

  • Payment is required in full (via PayPal) prior to start of Intensive

  • Studio is located in Seattle's Madrona neighborhood

  • Kim is happy to provide information about housing & transportation for those traveling from elsewhere

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