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"My 17-year-old daughter received an overwhelming set of psycho-educational diagnoses. A friend told me to call Kim, who can, she said, "cut right through the jargon." Kim has made a study of the culture. She talks about what saps our dignity and power and what restores it. By the end of my first session, I was breathing again. I could see new possibilities. Our healing began that day."

Deb Farrell,

N.D. & Mom

"Kim's ability to hold two ideas at once is extraordinary. In my case, I needed help understanding how my son could be both intellectually gifted and learning disabled. He was also ashamed, frustrated, and bored. We were out of ideas. Kim walked us through multiple transitions and a school search. She was a perfect, knowledgeable, funny, and  compassionate guide. I now know what helps my son

to thrive."

E. Blye,

Physician & Mom