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no solos


"I was off track and I knew it but I

was scared to change. Kim's mentoring

was a perfect fit. She's wicked

funny. And smart. She's about

action - doing what we're meant

to do while we're here. Usually that kind of talk turns me off, but no solos

isn't a bunch of self-help cliches. She's about the power of subtlety.

I can't imagine her mentoring someone

who just wanted to go faster

and faster without stopping to

consider the meaning and beauty

of what they're doing."

S. von Linne, Phd

Community Organizer & Writer

"Having been lucky enough to have worked with a marvelous therapist, I turn to Kim for a sort of mentoring that is not at all the same as therapy. Mentoring sessions offer me a sounding board as I make choices about bringing my work into the world. Kim has an easy conversational style that includes generous humor and an elegant aesthetic and which draws from the many different disciplines which she has mastered over the years."


J. Wallace, Poet

"Kim holds our experience in the most brilliant and loving way - from a soul perspective, a practical perspective, and a psychological perspective. It is a mystery and wonder how she meets all these people and polishes us so our inner beauty shows more than

it did before."

A. Brown, Teacher

The moment you commit to performing a creative

or healing act, life steps in to refine you -

to test your strength and inspire new moves.


A life has many initiations. They arrive via a symptom or loss. They

hide inside of longings, conflicts, dreams, and visions. Each initiation has the potential to reveal our greater capacities for love

and creative response. A mentor helps - sessions provide a restorative hour, new perspective, and clarity about what really matters.

Every situation is unique, but successful passage through an initiatory process usually involves the search for fresh language and a truer voice. Likely, it will require that you loosen opinions about just about everything. Inevitably, as the old tales tell, you'll be invited to accept help or nourishment from unexpected sources. As a mentor, I serve as an example, intimate teacher, and guide. 


I've forged my approach to mentoring through many years of private practice and a decade as mentor and faculty member at WisdomBridge. no solos blends depth and developmental psychologies with poetic traditions to support the flowering of initiation in modern lives. It includes some of the foundational arts and practices of being human that are left out of even the most wonderful schools and therapies. 

One interesting option: sometimes  I gather a few people together for a year-long mentoring group.  Let me know if this appeals...


  • Unconventional career development

  • Project development & revision

  • Right-brained organization

  • Style & creative lineage

  • Art & motherhood

  • Attachment & creativity

  • Spirit & soul in art

  • Discipline: balance of structure and freedom.


  • Life themes and purpose

  • Unnamed, unacknowledged, or untempered gifts

  • Unconventional career development

  • Parents of "twice-exceptional kids" & "twice-exceptional" adults

  • Personal/professional/artistic development for therapists and coaches

  • Personal & professional development for Meyers-Briggs types INFP/ENFP; INFJ/ENFJ

  • Public speaking

  • Developmental phases of marriage

  • Dreamwork

  • Artistic practice

  • Conflict as an expressive art

  • Local culture & community development.

  • Contact Kim to set a time for a 15-20 minute exploratory phone conversation

  • Kim will send an orientation package if a mutual decision is made to proceed

  • Most clients meet bi-monthly, but other arrangements are possible

  • Sessions can happen on the phone (not Skype)

  • Sessions last approximately 60 minutes

  • Fee is $130 USD/hour

  • At the end of each month, Kim will send invoices payable by PayPal

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