no solos


"I was off track and I knew it but I

was scared to change. Kim's mentoring

was a perfect fit. She's wicked

funny. And smart. She's about

action - doing what we're meant

to do while we're here. Usually that kind of talk turns me off, but no solos

isn't a bunch of self-help cliches. She's about the power of subtlety.

I can't imagine her mentoring someone

who just wanted to go faster

and faster without stopping to

consider the meaning and beauty

of what they're doing."

S. von Linne, Phd

Community Organizer & Writer

"Having been lucky enough to have worked with a marvelous therapist, I turn to Kim for a sort of mentoring that is not at all the same as therapy. Mentoring sessions offer me a sounding board as I make choices about bringing my work into the world. Kim has an easy conversational style that includes generous humor and an elegant aesthetic and which draws from the many different disciplines which she has mastered over the years."


J. Wallace, Poet

"Kim holds our experience in the most brilliant and loving way - from a soul perspective, a practical perspective, and a psychological perspective. It is a mystery and wonder how she meets all these people and polishes us so our inner beauty shows more than

it did before."

A. Brown, Teacher