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Coaching addresses stuckness; it’s quick. After a good coaching session, you can get back to it (whatever it is) with renewed clarity and enthusiasm.  The root of "enthusiasm"is en-theos meaning to have a god within.

“I once added Kim to a large exhibit development team simply because I wanted her humor, her wit, her creativity – frankly, her genius - to counter some of the more conservative approaches from other experts. Sometimes, I have hired her to work with subjects outside her realm – rap, say, or teen pop, because my teams absolutely love to work with her. She lights up the room – and any stage, of course – with a generous presence that leaves room for everybody else.”


-Andrea Weatherhead, principal, WEATHERHEAD Experience Design

“Kim’s keen musicality flows into the feedback she gives for writing, as she attends to rhythm, harmony and discord: the overall structure here, the single note there. In reading a third draft of my manuscript, she was able to meet it on its own terms; a rare gift as an editor. Her sensitive insight inspired me to hone and polish my true voice on the page.”

~Mary Oak, Author and Educator

no solos coaching sessions are meant to stimulate your creativity, discernment, and authority. Together, we'll imagine a more elegant way to move forward in a situation or project. Sessions may include some trouble-shooting or strategizing. Education is a part of it; it might be useful to learn a practice, an unusual idea, or new habit of perception. You’ll leave with greater confidence in your instincts and in your next steps.


Often, people who have sought help elsewhere find that a no solos coaching session offers the missing piece - the moment of clarity or inspiration that makes all the difference.

This style of coaching is especially suited to those who need to think and lead from the heart:  teachers, parents, artists, therapists, coaches, and healers. 

The frequency of sessions is up to you. You can schedule a single call or a series. 

  • Coaching generally happens on phone (not Skype).

  • Sessions last approximately 60 minutes

  • Sessions cost $130 USD/hour, payable by PayPal

  • To begin, send a coaching request to Kim. Include a brief description of your situation.

  • parents of a "Twice Exceptional" child - both highly bright and learning disabled parents of pre-teens, teens, and young adults

  • parents of highly sensitive, right brained, learning disabled, stuck, and/or anxious kids

  • home school parents

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