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Fall the Way the Wind Blow

Our willow tree - what remains of it - has dropped a mighty branch

into our back yard. It made a great, ripping sound and then returned

to silence.

The willow has always reminded me of the pianist Carla Bley. If you watch this youtube for five seconds (after the advertisement), you'll understand why. If you watch it in its entirety, you will know more (and more, with additional viewings) about the ordinary magic of human listening:

(Note: this video is enlightening even with the sound off.)

The title of this post is from an old We Three tune, called "Willow."

(This is for those who knew me back when.) My bandmate, Sarah Favret, wrote it when my sister was in Harborview, recovering from a major accident.

I must say: access to a brilliant songwriter is rare & good fortune.

After thirty years, these small words still sustain me:

Willow willow, fall the way the wind blow Willow when the wind blow

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