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At a Glance: no solos

“We don’t know what soul means but we are lost without it.”

~Michael Meade, mythologist

no solos is a soul-based approach to mentoring & expressive arts. This means:

  • Welcoming the unknown, unwanted, dismissed, or defiant element

  • Cultivating powers of both language and silence

  • Bowing to the paradox of psychic wound = giftedness

  • Courting grief, Eros and dreaming

  • Nurturing the subtle inter-relationships of soul and spirit.

What is the scope of the no solos mission? To:

  • Find beauty in that which doesn’t fit the mold

  • Include creativity in all definitions of health

  • Address widespread loss of soul

  • Provide uncommon, inspired, and practical mentoring and instruction

  • Foster human maturation and fruition

  • Promote mytho-poetic education and mentoring

  • Nurture and renew family and local culture.

What distinguishes the no solos approach to mentoring?

no solos is generative. It supports skillful and life-affirming responses to an ailing culture. Specifically, no solos:

  • Integrates depth and attachment-based developmental psychologies with poetic traditions

  • Offers reflection, naming, and tempering of individual gifts

  • Takes a trickster approach to weaknesses, falls from grace, struggles, and predicaments

  • Honors the true sources of eloquence: mixed feelings, grief, receptivity, imagination

  • Addresses an often overlooked human need: Adults need to receive regular and attuned attention in order to flourish.

Distinctions of the no solos approach to expressive art:

  • Holds as a birthright the myriad forms of human eloquence

  • Synthesizes developmental attachment & depth psychologies, somatic, aesthetic, and poetic traditions

  • Heals and nurtures the senses

  • Integrates cross-cultural perspectives on performance and ritual

  • Honors human attention as a community resource

  • Includes education in the arts of grief

  • Embraces conflict as an expressive art.

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